Latest updates to Billsby
Adjust Next Billing Date
In this release we're introducing one of our most requested features: the ability to adjust the next billing date on your customer's subscriptions.
You'll also be able to set the status for the subscription until the next bill date. This means that if you want to pause your customer's account for a period of time, you can decide on the specific date you want it to reactivate, and you can set it to paused up until the next payment is taken.
This feature will be replacing the
Pause subscription
feature, so that you have greater control over when a customer's subscription is billed and displayed as
Improved subscription filtering
You can now filter the subscription table by
, to be able to get a quick view on subscriptions for each of your different plans. We're adding new filtering options to our tables all the time, so watch this space for more updates!
Add-on and Allowance images
Similar to the product and plan images, we've added the ability to upload an image to your Add-ons and Allowances.
These images will be shown in the checkout and self-service account management displayed clearly at the side of the Add-on or Allowance
Fixing issues you've reported
We've also been working behind the scenes, to resolve any problems brought to our attention alongside this release.