More status filtering and improvements
In the last few weeks we've continued to add some more small improvements to keep Billsby the easy-to-use software you know and love.
More status filtering
Status filtering has now been expanded for multiple tables including:
  • credit notes
  • customers
  • subscriptions
This will let you keep tabs on any cancelled subscriptions, inactive customers, or unpaid credit notes for example, quickly and easily with the press of a button.
Improved navigation
We have also made slight improvements to navigating across the Billsby control panel, allowing you to view and maneuver through multiple pages of customers, credit notes, invoices, and subscriptions with more fluidity than before.
Fixing issues you've reported
As always, we've been working hard to resolve any bugs brought to our attention alongside this release.
Finally, we have some exciting bigger features in the works over the upcoming weeks so be sure to keep your eyes peeled