Expired card filter, email notifications and subscription status improvements
In the last few weeks, alongside working on some larger features in the pipeline, we've added some more small improvements, to help make your Billsby account even easier to use and your business easier to manage.
Expired card filter
You'll now be able to see which customers have an expired card on file quickly and easily. This can be done directly from the Dashboard, or by using the new card filter in the Customers table.
We're also currently working on adding additional card filters, for those customers with active cards on file and no card on file.
Failed one time charge email
We have introduced a new customizable email notification that can be sent out to your customers whenever a one-time charge has failed. This email notification will also allow them to quickly update their payment method, or re-attempt the payment themselves, making it easier for you to manage churn automatically.
Suspended subscription improvements
To help make it easier for you to manage your customer subscriptions, we've changed the way we handle
subscriptions. You've now got the flexibility to manually update your customer's subscription status between
You can see more details on this in our support documentation here.
Fixing issues you've reported
As always, we've been working away in the background getting as many issues fixed as possible alongside our new features.