Company name collection, additional card filters and more
Collecting a company name for your customers
If you have a B2B business and you're signing up customers to your subscription, you'll need to collect the company name in addition to the account holder, so you can keep track of who is who.
We've added the ability for you to add a
Company name
that'll be available both when a customer is added manually, and via the checkout model.
Once collected, the company name will be displayed on the customer's profile and invoices.
More card filters
Reducing churn is a vital concern for any subscription business, so keeping track of customers cards is a must. We've added even more filters to your Customers table making it easier for you to get important information on which customers have cards on file and who still needs to update their payment details.
Additional country and currency support
Chile and Kosovo have been added to our list of supported countries. This means that you'll now be able to start receiving payments from customers with billing addresses in these countries.
We've also added currency support for the Chilean Peso. Meaning you'll now be able to configure products, taxes, and more in this currency.
You can check out a full list of supported currencies and countries here.
Fixing issues you've reported
We've also been working to fix any problems you've reported to us, alongside building our new features.